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Idyllic beaches

Over 14 km. of coastline, beaches for all tastes, with fine white sand, clear waters that allow the practice of all kinds of water sports and spectacular beauty range. Down to the village, is located to the left of the long beach Castilnovo,  which added Bateles (with numerous amenities and surrounded by countless restaurants and bars), La Fontanilla, Roqueo and Fuente del Gallo, more secluded and cozy. It also has the charming town and idyllic coves at the foot of stunning cliffs, highlighting Camacho, Pitón, Melchor, Oil, Puffin, The Rough or Cala On.

Pine forests of Roche and El Colorado

The municipality has valuable natural areas, highlighting the Roche Pinewoods and El Colorado. You can find species like the large population of coastal juniper or fartet small hermaphroditic fish has its habitat in the Roche River.


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